Detail Roadmap

More Major exchange listing:

we are working on listing $ORT on 2 more major exchanges which will bring more global exposure and liquidity.

Fully Dapp version of platform

The community-focused project will launch fully Dapp version of freelance platform which will be thriving with digital credentials in #web3 !!!.

More partnership with major players

As it’s important to have partnership with big projects for marketing exposure, we are working at full swing. Lots of things are being cooked behind the scenes. Wait for it to be served.

Targeting to achieve 10k – 100k users on the platform

We are targeting to gain a steady stream of new users every day,10-20k users at each phase of the year will result in roughly around 100k users at 2023 end.

Boosting marketing for the platform

We are always following proper marketing strategy to engage our community. This time no different. Our marketing strategists are always working effectively to reach out to the million crypto enthusiasts with Okratech.

Staking availability on our own platform

Users will be able to stake in our own platform which will be more convenient.

Starting development on mobile App

We will be launching mobile application (Android & IOS)of Okratech following the roadmap which will include all the features.

Adding additional feature to the platform

We will keep adding more potential features to make our platform much more attractive & user friendly.

Starting development of the products for Okratech ecosystem

The fundamental of this project is building real products. We are not reliant on short term incentives but with intrinsic value that people use.

Freelance platform (Ortjob) in Metaverse

Ortjob, World’s first ever commission-free freelance platform, will step in Metaverse. Through the implementation of metaverses, Okratech will can revolutionize how people interact with one another and digital asset ownership.