OrtJob: A Revolutionary Freelancing Platform on the Blockchain

How often do you dream about being your own boss, to work on your own schedule and from wherever you wish. Now add to this the desire to grow your wealth through crypto currency. With decentralized currencies on the rise, receiving payment in crypto may be the greatest way to grow wealth exponentially. One may ask how this combination is possible. Well, the answer is simple…. ORTJOB!

OrtJob is a new blockchain platform powered by DeFi and self governing DAO created to actualize these two dreams as it delivers freelance jobs based on a secure, decentralized technology. Freelancers will have a vast variety of job options as well as payment methods to choose from. It allows users transparency as they can look at detailed reviews and descriptions of the employer and freelancer. The greatest benefit of this platform has to be that there is NO COMMISSION, meaning users will not be skimped out of any hard worked money.

Why would such a platform be needed?

With the constant advancement of technology, we are seeing more and more jobs being lost to automation, AI, and many other reasons. As a result, the world of freelancers is constantly growing as more and more people are preferring a more flexible schedule that offers extra revenue. The current market size for freelance work in the US is estimated to be $500 billion with 20% estimated growth in the coming years. The potential growth in the market is reason enough for OrtJob to exist.

Combining this with the fact that the world is also shifting towards decentralized currencies and many workers are more inclined to invest in cryptocurrency rather than equities and pensions, we see that employers are having trouble keeping talent within companies.

OrtJob solves these problems as it offers a safe and secure platform that is accessible to everyone. Large companies can hire freelancers to work on a particular project, and freelancers can find jobs most suited to their specific skills. All while being paid in an appreciating asset.

OrtJob Features (Employer)
– Post a Project: Users can simple post their desired project and receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes.
– Choose freelancer: Browse freelancer profiles. Chat in real-time. Select the best one and award your project.
– 100% Satisfaction: Employers can pay securely using the Milestone Payment System and release payments when the job has been completed and you are 100% satisfied.

OrtJob Features (Employee)

– Select Job: Browse through variety of jobs/tasks/projects to find one best suited for your specific skills.
– Work : Complete assigned job within specified timeframe.
-Submit : Submit completed work to the employer.
– Get Paid: Receive payment in desired currency.