Okratech Token A Multifaceted Product Ecosystem

An ecosystem comprises our products, each designed with unique functions yet united by the ORT token and blockchain technology, creating seamless interconnectivity

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A freelancing platform driven by DeFi and governed autonomously through DAO principles.

OrtWeb3 Tools

A comprehensive platform boasting an extensive selection of over 150 tools catering to both web2 and web3 needs.

App Store

An innovative marketplace harmonizing conventional and decentralized applications seamlessly.

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OrtJob a decentralized freelancing

Fi-powered and self-governing DAO that aims to revolutionize the freelancing industry by providing a decentralized and comprehensive platform.

Connect on popular customer Channels

A  comprehensive platform that offers more than 150+ tools for web2 and web3. Whether you need to create, edit, optimize, or analyze your web content, you can find the right tool for your needs on this platform.

A Web2 & Web3 App Store

A pioneering marketplace that seamlessly blends traditional and decentralized applications.

Easy integration with 150+ tools.

Discover the perfect tool to create, edit, optimize, or analyze your web content with ease on our platform.

Available on the top exchanges